Tree care Services and Safety - Santa Rosa
  1. Types of tree failure - TreePro SonomaFallen trees are unstable and hazardous. When a tree falls there are heavy limbs and trunks under tension. Trying to move or cut the branches can cause the tree to shift and cause further damage or injury. Calling a reputable tree service with Accreditation from the Tree Care Industry is your best assurance of removing the tree without causing further damage to your home or injuring yourself.
  2. Be careful of potential power lines knocked down by a tree failure. Often falling trees cause damage to the high voltage lines which cause major power outages and also the line that runs to your home. In addition, cable and phone lines may become energized with high voltage from a downed PG and E line. Stay away from power lines and contact PG and E for assistance.
  3. Be careful of slippery roof surfaces. If a tree falls on your home or structure the first impulse is get on the roof and determine the damage and try to stop water damage. A wet roof during a windstorm with slippery tree debris is the wrong place to be. TreePro Professional Tree Care responds to storm emergencies with tarps and trained professionals with the proper safety equipment to remove the tree from the roof and tarp the area to prevent water damage.
  4.  It’s a good idea to check with both your homeowners and auto insurance agents to review your policy limits and coverage before a problem occurs.
  5. Call a reputable Tree Company to help with a tree emergency. Attempting to remove a fallen tree during a storm requires extensive training and experience. Following a storm there are unscrupulous and uninsured companies that may have a good sales pitch but leave you with more problems from additional damage.

TreePro Professional Tree Care has been the local professional choice for tree care since 1990. We are Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association. We carry extensive liability and worker’s compensation for your protection. We also have the highest ratings, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Five Star Rating from Yelp and a Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

Published On: February 6, 2018